Non-ribosomal proteins identified in crude and pure fractions

Acc.No. * Description Gel **
At1g01120 Putative elongase CB
At1g03090 Putative 3-methylcrotonyl-CoA carboxylase CA
At1g07610 Metallothionein-like protein CA
At1g09220 Protein T12M4.7 (unclassified) CB
At1g11860 Aminomethyltransferase CA
At1g16470 Proteasome subunit alpha type 2 CA
At1g20620 Catalase 3 CA
At1g20630 Catalase 1 CA
At1g27390 Putative protein import receptor 2x CB
At1g56450 Putative protein (proteasome subunit Z) CA
At1g66200 Probable glutamine synthetase CA
At1g67030 Putative protein (polygalacturonase) CA
At2g21330 Probable fructose bisphosphate aldolase CA
At2g28000 RUBISCO Subunit binding protein alpha subunit (Chaperonin 60 alpha chain) CA
At3g09440 Heat-shock cognate 70kDa protein 3 CA
At3g09840 Cell division cycle protein 48 CA
At3g13470 "GloEL protein; chaperonin" 2x CA
At3g14290 Proteasome subunit alpha type 5-2 CA
At3g14410 Probable (S)-2-hydroxy-acid oxidase CA
At3g14420 Glycolate oxidase like protein CA
At3g22110 Proteasome subunit alpha type 4 CA
At3g51260 Proteasome subunit alpha type 7-1 2x CA
At3g62030 Peptidylprolyl isomerase ROC4 2x CA
At4g20850 Hypothetical protein T13K14.10 (tripeptidyl-peptidase II) CA
At4g35090 Catalase 2 2x CA
At4g37930 Glycine hydroxymethyltransferase CA
At5g02500 Heat shock cognate 70-1 CA
At5g25980 Myrosinase TGG2 3x CA
At5g26000 Myrosinase precursor (sinigrinase) thioglucosidase CA
At5g35630 Glutamine synthetase 2x CA
At5g37600 Glutathionie S-transferase PM24 2x CA
At5g38420 Large subunit of RUBISCO 3x CA
At5g55070 2-oxoglutarate dehydrogenase E2 subunit CB
At1g07320 Unknown protein 3x PA
At1g34430 Dihydrolipoamide S-acetyltransferase PA
At1g55490 Rubisco subunit binding-protein beta subunit PA
At2g07670 putative non-LTR retrolelement reverse transcriptase PB
At3g12390 Contains similarity to alpha nascent polypeptide associated complex (NAC) PA
At3g15200 Hypothetical protein (PPR repeat containing protein) PB
At3g18080 Beta-glucosidase, putative 2x PB
At3g25860 Dihydrolipoamide S-acetyltransferase PA
At4g11830 Phospholipase D-gamma-2 PB
At4g25090 Respiratory burst oxidase -like protein (cytochrome b245 homolog) PB
At5g13850 Contains similarity to nascent polypeptide associated complex (NAC) PA
At5g24770 Vegetative storage protein Vsp2 PA
At5g38410 RUBISCO small chain 3b precursor 2x PA
At5g55990 Calcineurin B-like protein 2 PA
At1g18080 RACK1 homologue CA, 2x PB, 3x PA
At1g67090 RUBISCO small chain A1 precursor 2x CA, 4x PA
At3g14210 "Lipase/acylhydrolase; myrosinase-associated protein" 2x CA, 5x PA
At3g23990 Mitochondrial chaperonin hsp60 CA, PA
AtCg00490 Large subunit of RUBISCO 11x CA, 12x PA
* Gene code accession number of the identified protein MIPS database.
** Gel in which the protein was identified from spots on the acidic or basic halves of the 2-DE gels of the crude (CA, CB) or pure 80S (PA, PB) fractions, as well as the number of times each protein was identified on the respective gel half.