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Annotated 2D-gel images of different tissues (silique, primary leaf and seedling) and data files with annotated spots:

All annotated 2D-gel spots on the gel images are numbered; annotations for each identified spot can be retrieved from the appropriate data file.
Please, click on thumbnails to get the full-size view of the 2D-gel images.
All images can be downloaded in original size in tif format, all data files in MS-EXCEL format.
Fraction one: containing predominantly cytoplasmatic proteins
Fraction two: comprising mainly strcuture bond proteins
Summarized results of all 2D-gels shown below.

Primary leaf

Fraction one:

Download ImageFile: PrimaryLeaf_F1_annotated.tif

Download Data File: PrimaryLeaf_F1_transfer_overlay.xls
Fraction two:

Download ImageFile: PrimaryLeaf_F2_annotated.tif

Download Data File: PrimaryLeaf_F2_transfer_overlay.xls


Fraction one:

Download ImageFile: Seedling_F1_annotated.tif

Download Data File (Excel): Seedling_F1_transfer_overlay.xls
Fraction two:

Download ImageFile: Seedling_F2_annotated.tif

Download Data File (Excel): Seedling_F2_transfer_overlay.xls


Fraction one:

Download ImageFile: Silique_F1_annotated.tif

Download Data File: Silique_F1_Transfer_overlay.xls
Fraction two:

Download ImageFile: Silique_F2_annotated.tif

Download Data File: Silique_F2_Transfer_overlay.xls

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